Welcome to my Blog 39yearsandcounting.com

Just to confirm, before anyone who knows me comments, yes I am 39 approaching 40 and not 49 approaching 50 as many of my friends would guess due to my cynical and possible grumpy nature.

Now that is clarified, let me introduce myself I am David a 39 year old Scotsman from Stirling in Scotland who loves being a Husband, Dad, Brother, Son, Uncle, Friend and Colleague !

Life on the whole is pretty great and I feel very fortunate to be able to say that!

This year I will hit the big number of 40! This does not mean a huge amount to me, however to everyone else close to me as well as society, this seems to be quite a mile stone in my life.

To see if it is such a big thing I thought I would record my musings, thoughts and life events throughout the next year to see if there are any major changes in life when the 40’s hit.

Will it change my personality?
Will it make me question life?
Will it change my relationships?
Will it impact my Faith?
Will I become Wiser?
Will I have a Midlife Crisis?
Will I become even more grumpier?

I would be so pleased if you would come on this journey with me this year and follow my blog and let me know what you think of my musings…. you can agree, disagree or just have a view into my experiences of hitting the middle of one man’s mid Life…



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